Never Alone

Naomi unexpectedly became a widow. One of her first responses was to claim that God had afflicted her and she was bitter, empty and alone. Pastor Nick has been teaching through the book of Ruth. As we move past chapter one, we see that Naomi isn’t actually alone – God is with her and He uses people to provide and comfort Naomi, and her daughter-in-law, Ruth.
I have experienced this personally, learning to walk as a widow, as God called my husband on to heaven eight weeks ago. My FBC family has been SUCH a comfort to me – I am NOT alone!
This past Sunday, rather than singing during the worship time, I just listened. Though I was having a difficult time worshiping, I felt uplifted with the praises of God’s people around me. I could worship through and in the body of Christ, even though I personally didn’t feel it.


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