The church library is stocked with numerous resources for both study and entertainment. On this page we will feature summaries and reviews of some of those resources. If you would like to write a review for one of the resources in the library, please email the church office.


Here is a book review by one of our younger readers, Miss Abigail Solverson. This series is not in the church library at this time, but you can find it here.

Family, Faith, Horses!

Rosie and Scamper was written by Vicki Watson and was printed by Morris Publishing.  It belongs to a series, which is call Sonrise Stables.  Rosie and Scamper is the first book of seven fun-filled, fiction tales.  With kind-hearted and hard-working Christian characters, this lovable series will cause young girls to sit on the couch reading for hours.

Rosie is the main character, and Carrie, her adopted sister, is also a prominent figure in the story.  They love their family and their horses.  The parents and grandmother are very involved, especially their grandma.  Grandma is a kind lady, who always has a helpful story or an encouraging Bible verse for every situation.  When Rosie visits Grandma’s horse farm, she meets Carrie, who lives next door.  Carrie dares her to ride Kezzie, Grandma’s horse, without permission.  Grandma is disappointed in Rosie and grounds her from the horses for two weeks.  Grandma and Rosie start being kind to Carrie and telling her about Jesus.  After a while, she becomes a Christian.  Rosie’s family adopts Carrie, and soon she receives her own horse!  The girls quickly become best friends, although they enjoy teasing and challenging each other like most sisters do.

This series is highly enjoyable and teaches good life lessons about being like Jesus.  Rosie sees how God works everything out for good.  These books are a must-read for girls who love family fun, Christian faith, and, of course, horses.