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What are the key components used by the early church in dealing with conflict?

Ananias and Sapphira

January 17, 2016
What is the sin of Ananias' and Sapphira's hearts? How do we avoid this sin and pursue righteousness as the church?
When people hear the gospel, they receive or reject the good news. Sharing this good news can produce conviction, but may elicit anger and persecution.

Acts 2

January 3, 2016
We read and learn about what it means to be a witness from Peter's sermon in Acts 2.


December 27, 2015
How do we prepare for the changes coming to First Baptist Church as we welcome a new senior pastor? Rod Maurer, moderator of the church board, gives us some things…
God revealed Himself in creation - the "old light". Then He came closer through the prophets - the "new light". But in Jesus, we see the "true Light".

Draw Near With Confidence

December 13, 2015
Prayer is a privilege. We can approach God in prayer with confidence.

My Top Ten

December 6, 2015
"This will be an inspiring, profound and unforgettable message, because it will be God's Word, not mine!" So said Pastor Curt Thompson, in his farewell message to the congregation. He…
How should the Church respond to societal attacks against the family and marriage. Also recorded are the three baptisms that were done this Sunday.

Born Again

November 22, 2015
Jesus talks to Nicodemus about being born again.
How do we rejoice in spite of adverse circumstances?
What is faith and who are the righteous?
Jesus deliberately goes out of His way to pursue an outcast. She becomes a believer and brings others to Jesus. (This sermon is presented by the pastor who is candidating…

Hey, God, Where are You?

October 25, 2015
Questions are OK, if you keep your attention on God and expect Him to answer.
Craig and Julie Hunter shared how God has led them to a new chapter in their lives; working with I-Tec/USA. Pastor Thompson postponed his sermon until next Sunday. Here is…

Bread and Blood

October 4, 2015
Putting communion in its place, as centerpiece, not an afterthought. The bread and blood are both important.

Now, About the Collection III

September 27, 2015
We continue to learn the principles of Christian giving.

Now About the Collection part 2

September 20, 2015
Pastor Thompson continues to enumerate Biblical principles for giving.

Now, About the Collection

September 13, 2015
Bible Text: 1 Corinthians 16:1-4 | Preacher: Pastor Curt Thompson Principles for Christian giving.

The Permanence of Love

September 6, 2015
Bible Text: 1 Corinthians 13:8-13 | Preacher: Pastor Curt Thompson Last of a series on love from 1 Corinthians 13.