The Gathering


We were blessed to have many women from Southwest Wisconsin join together to consider the Life, Love, Hope and Call of Jesus on March 17th& 18th.  It truly was a time of encouragement and challenge to live our lives bold for Christ!

Some comments from attendees were:

“I loved seeing women so passionate about God & His Word!”

“Hearing about others struggles and how Jesus has helped them resonated with me. It makes me realize we are not alone.”

“The conference was all glorifying to God and a joy to be a part of.”

“I really enjoyed the panel discussions and local speakers.”

“God was present everywhere!  Everyone was so kind and welcoming.  The whole conference was fantastic!”

“I appreciated the Video Speakers, the local speakers and the music!”

“The conference was a great testimony of the Local Church Women!”

“I was really encouraged by the ability to share and pray with other women of faith”

“The people at my table were all so kind and caring and we had real connection.”


If you missed the conference this year, don’t miss it next year – the end of March 2018!

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