Here are a few ways we are working to be useful to those in our community and the world around us:

Darlington Community of Churches Food Pantry

First Baptist hosts a very active food Pantry, serving as a distribution point for both food stuffs and grocery store vouchers useful for the occasional needs of people here in Darlington.  The Food Pantry is currently available on Thursday afternoons from 1-4pm.  Please call the church office (608-776-3566) at least a day ahead of time […]

Salvation Army Assistance

First Baptist Church administers funds for the area Salvation Army group. At this time our area Salvation Army funds are depleted. Please call for updates.


Missions at FBC  Here at First Baptist, we deeply believe we are only one small part of the work God is doing around the world.  And so we work hard to support other Christian brothers and sisters as they serve elsewhere in the USA and also in other places around the world.  Here are some […]